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What topical treatments are available for thinning hair?

There are a number of topical treatments on the market which claim to mitigate the effects of thinning hair, including Minoxidil, collagen based shampoos, and Rene Furterer products.


Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator treatment that is applied topically to the scalp in order to treat hair loss, particularly that caused by male pattern baldness. However, it is not effective in treating receding hairlines. Rogaine is a well-known topical treatment that contains Minoxidil.

Rene Furterer products

Rene Furterer is a natural hair care line that offers products designed to target various hair concerns. Their thinning hair collection works to improve scalp health and stimulate hair growth. It is comprised of four products: Triphasic VHT, a regenerating treatment, Forticea, a stimulating shampoo, Complexe 5, a weekly scalp treatment, and Vitalfan, a dietary supplement with key ingredients such as Vitamins A and E and Biotin.

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