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Stretch Marks

Stretch Mark Prevention & Treatment

Although it is true that women are more prone to stretch marks than men, they can be seen in both genders. It is common for stretch marks to fade over time but they will often still be visible and cause many people who have them distress. Stretch marks are not a health concern, since they are not in any way harmful or painful but many patients dislike them because they feel they look unflattering. At my clinic where I provide stretch mark removal in the Greater Toronto area of Mississauga , I find that female patients who are pregnant are particularly concerned with long term solutions to prevent stretch marks and stretch mark treatment.

Stretch marks are not dangerous, however, appearance of idiopathic stretch marks can be an indicator of other potential problems in the body including an increase in cortisol levels. Seeing your physician to discuss your medical history and complete additional testing is not a bad idea if you start noticing stretch marks that are occurring fast and without a known reason.

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