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PRO grade skincare?


What is professional grade skincare?

Professional grade skincare, also known as medical-grade skincare, is designed to target specific skin concerns such as oily skin, dryness, or aging skin. It is formulated to take into account your particular skin type in addition to the condition being treated. Due to its high concentration of active medical ingredients, professional grade skincare is only sold by medical professionals, who can provide guidance in determining the most suitable product for you.

How is professional grade skincare different from skincare sold in the drugstore?

Drugstore brand skincare is available over the counter without a prescription or consultation. As a result, it contains a much lower concentration of active ingredients than medical-grade skin care. This means that while it may claim to target a specific skin concern, it really only treats the outer layer of the skin and may not be effective for all skin types. Professional grade skincare, on the other hand, contains a much higher concentration of active ingredients and can effectively infiltrate the epidermis, reaching deeper layers of your skin in order to truly treat the problem.

In addition, while drugstore cosmetics do not require FDA approval before being released on the market, medical grade products are regulated by the FDA, so you can feel confident that they will live up to their claims. In fact, professional grade skincare contains 70% pure ingredients based on FDA guidelines.

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