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Scar Treatment


Scar Treatment

What are scars?

Scars are unfortunately, a natural part of our body’s healing process. People develop visible scars on the skin when the biologic process of wound healing patches together damaged tissues with a strong, fibrous network of collagen. Most wounds and skin injuries result in some degree of scarring but each person’s unique skin properties and complexion will show this differently. A smooth, shiny or raised patch of skin caused by a scar will look and feel different from the normal skin cells around it. Often, scars will fade and lighten over the years as they mature, however for many people, darker pigmentation or a raised appearance can make scars stand out as obvious and for some can become a source of embarrassment. Scars on the face left by chronic acne breakouts can leave pitted, wavy and red or purple skin changes. Not getting a scar treatment well in time, especially acne scar treatment also puts patients in a timid position.

Scarring related to burns or surgical injuries can appear as smooth and discoloured patches of skin which may also be tight and distort the surrounding skin. Stretch marks are a common type of scar, caused by deep layers of skin tearing under pressure during growth spurts, pregnancy, and muscle / weight gain. Collagen and elastin in our bodies is meant to expand and retract naturally but when stretched rapidly, the structure and smooth surface of the skin can be permanently changed, leaving a series of linear indents and stripes on skin areas such as the thighs, buttocks, breasts, chest, arms and tummy.

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