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Wrinkle treatment


Wrinkle treatment

Wrinkle treatment and Xeomin aka Anti-wrinkle injections are very popular and effective methods for preventing the signs of aging.If you are considering Wrinkle treatmentor Xeomin

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About Wrinkle treatmentand xeomin

Wrinkle treatment and xeomin are both used to improve or prevent lines and wrinkles. Results are highly effective With good patient satisfaction.

They are commonly used to treat:

  • Forehead lines
  • Angry 11s” (Area between the eyebrows)
  • Forehead furrows
  • Crow’s feet
  • Slimming of jawline
  • Platysmal bands
  • Slimmimg of jawline
  • Gummy smile

The goal of these treatments are to smooth out lines And creases, Giving the face a rejuvenated look that is more natural.

Our skin consultants can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. Book your appointment today to schedule a consultation!


  • What is Wrinkle treatment®?

    Neuromodulators such as Wrinkle treatment® and Xeomin® are a class of pharmaceutical medications derived from the Botulinum bacteria. The active ingredient is a Health Canada approved purified protein that’s used in cosmetic applications to smooth the skin and soften dynamic lines and wrinkles.

    How does Wrinkle treatment® work?

    Dynamic wrinkles are the creases we normally see around the eyes, forehead and frown area. These are the signs of aging caused by years of making facials expressions such as smiling, laughing and frowning. When we’re young our skin is supple and has excellent elasticity. Few lines are visible or they disappear completely as soon as we stop making facial expressions. As we get older, however, facial wrinkles remain visible even when our face is at rest. These are called static lines. Neuromodulators or “anti-wrinkle injections” work by temporarily blocking the communication between nerve cells, preventing facial muscles from contracting. As the muscles relax, the skin takes on a smoother and more youthful appearance. In most cases, neuromodulators work best on dynamic lines and wrinkles. Although with regular use, even static lines can improve over time, becoming softer, less visible.

    What areas can Wrinkle treatment® treat?











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